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Take advantage of our vast experience with over 25 years in the Film, TV & Video industry - designing, directing and producing all manner of productions right across all sectors of the industry. We are always professional reliable and affordable. Hubub Media LLP will help you develop the right communication strategy and implementation to ensure the best results.

Take a look at our experience & kit:

  • Over 25 years Film, TV & Video experience
  • Extensive knowledge of all digiatal filming kit, and post-production editing & GFX techniques (FCPX, After FX and 3D etc)
  • Own edit suites, extensive Canon 5D Mk II & GoPro Hero 3 Shooting kits (inc. GoPro "Easy Gimbal" Steady Shot 
  • Two aerial filming kits for GoPro - DJI Phantom 1 & the latest DjI Phantom 2 (complete with onboard Zenmusse H3-2D stabilizing gimbal and FPV back to 7" RC control mounted monitor 

Stills Picture gallery:  Here are some stills from our varied productions over the years and a few of our frellance staff at it - they generally prefer to stay on the other side of the camera!


Contact Martin now on +44 7836 766317. I look forward to talking to you.

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Hubub Media LLP


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Tel: +44 7836 766317


Hubub Media LLP


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Martin Jangaard

Tel:       +44 7836 766317


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